How To Get Started With Your First Google Story

How to Get Started With Your First Google Story

Creating a google web story is super easy! first, head over to the app in your wordpress dashboard to create a web story. There are several out of the box templates to work within the dashboard to get you started or you can create your own! add images from your library or upload images that you want to use. Vertical images work best. Your stories can also include video, though they recommend a maximum of 15 seconds. Also, videos must have captions if there is talking so that viewers can read if they are unable to listen.

Web stories by google enable users with no technical knowledge to ace the web stories game due to its ease of use. It provides a plethora of pre-built story templates to get started quickly. The editing and customization in web stories if handled by a wysiwyg editor. No coding skills are required. Unlike social media stories, web stories enable you to share & embed it across your own website, other websites, apps, and other channels. The tracking of your web stories’ performance is also possible as it supports analytics too.

How to Create a Google Web Story

The plugin is in beta and it does not have all the features. There may be bugs in it. However, it may be useful to create a staging site to familiarize yourself with the plugin and be ready when the full featured plugin becomes available. Google announcement of wordpress plugin https://google. Github. Io/web-stories-wp/beta/ google overview of web stories https://amp. Dev/about/stories/ google developer support page for google web story https://developers. Google. Com/search/docs/guides/enable-web-stories.

Amp was created by google to put mobile first in search engine results pages and across the web. Amp stories are similar to instagram stories , and tons of well-known companies are dominating the internet with them. If you think you can ignore them, you’re wrong. Billions of mobile pages are powered by amps. Those pages load twice as fast as before because javascript code isn’t allowed to slow them down. There are plenty of reasons to use amp stories. They can help improve your storytelling efforts, boost page speeds , improve your site’s creative design, and help seo efforts.

Embed Your New Google Web Story into Your Posts!

Web stories are very similar to the stories you see on instagram and facebook as a way to share more interactive visual content with your audience. Storytelling has always been an important factor in building your brand voice and growing your audience. But, there are two key things that set google’s new web stories apart from the other two. First, google is a giant and all bloggers are always trying to figure out what it wants so that their content can rank. Stories that you make in facebook and instagram will never rank on a google search engine. Since the release of google web stories, there has been some chatter that using the stories within your posts may help to boost your authority and ultimately, your reach.

To get started publishing web stories on quick stare from scratch, simply visit create+ web stories in the menu. Or to choose a template visit streams+ web stories. After publishing web stories you can copy the link to your web story and paste it into custom posts or anywhere else on the web that you like. Please note: publishing google web stories to quick stare is in a trial and testing phase. There will be improvements and changes made over the coming weeks to enhance the user experience of this new feature.

Single Page Story Ad

It is therefore a quick and easy to read format, designed specifically to be used and appreciated by users of mobile devices who want to consume contents at a glance, so much so that google defines this content as snack (it must be a “snack, not a meal“), typical of those who take a quick look at the phone during lunch or on public transport. For this reason, even if pages with a longer text content than a single sentence are “allowed”, they should not occupy “more than 10% of the pages of the total history”: to offer text in extended form it is possible to add a link attached at the bottom, a good solution that allows a publisher to present their content to the attention of readers through a web story and carry out a conversion, leading them to read the entire article on the site (if it manages to “tickle” their appetite adequately).

Visual stories visual stories, are visually engaging and fast-loading web pages created using the web stories content format. Powered by google’s amp technology, web stories are snapchat and instagram-like stories that are search engine-friendly and meant for the web. Being speedy, mobile-focused, easy to consume and equally easy to create, they are the best content format on the internet. Our feature-rich visual story builder makes it easy and fun to create stunning web stories in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Get Started with our Story Ads Templates

You’d be surprised to know that google web stories allows you to include affiliate links in your stories. Well, that’s not the end of its awesomeness. You can also create story ads with the help of this plugin and platforms like google ads manager and google dv360 (beta). The story ad copy can contain elements like text, videos, images, tappable elements like “see more”, etc. To help you quickly get started, the plugin offers plenty of pre-built story ad templates. Also, as of now, these 2 platforms are supported by the plugin. But in the coming days, many more ad servers will be made compatible.

visual storytelling for the open web

The first news is therefore the rebranding of amp stories, which are now called web stories, but without changing their nature: they remain a tool to do “visual storytelling for the open web“, as read on the official website of the project, and to give websites that publish contents (mostly informative) a mobile-focused format to share “visually rich” and tap-through news.

Watch video get started how it works have you noticed the “visual stories” section in google mobile search results? it looks like this: the web pages listed in there are called web stories. They are an amazing, new way of visual storytelling on the web. They combine the user experience of social media stories with the reach and visibility of the web. They have a url on your web server. They are linkable, can link to other web pages and they are searchable and shareable on the open web. Moreover, they can rank on the 1st page of google search results. Notice the red arrows in these images. They point to stories of some of our client websites. Learn more.

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Overview and Review

Publishers are adopting web story format for one reason, and that’s traffic. Web stories present a new way to grow audience, thanks to its mobile-focused format and visually-rich tap throughs. Google’s overview of the program reads : “web stories offers a robust set of advertising opportunities for advertisers and publishers to reach a unique audience on the web with immersive experiences. ”now, the tech giant has released a wordpress plugin to push the program even further.

Posted by: michael brockbank 0 comment google web stories , wordpress , wordpress plugin reviews have you ever wondered what if wordpress had the ability to create stories like Facebook, instagram and snap chat? yeah, me either. Yet, here we are. And now google web stories gives us that ability from the wordpress dashboard. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure many people will find value in sharing small bits of info from their websites. And given some of the rumoured and confirmed capabilities, there may be something behind this newest venture.

What are Web Stories?

Google’s amp stories features allow publishers to create content that is very similar to instagram stories, designed with mobile websites in mind. But the content created with amp doesn’t get added to an app. Instead, it’s placed right in search results pages. Amp is an open-source project that was created in response to the fact that mobile users now spend more time on apps than in websites. 77% of their time, to be exact, according to statista data. With amp, content loads extremely fast, which helps keep mobile users on those pages and off of their apps.

Today, javascript can be used on almost any web page to modify any portion of it. But it also slows the loading and rendering of pages. And since page speed is so important (we’ll talk more about that later), that’s something you want to avoid. Amp only allows for asynchronous javascript to run on pages, meaning that the javascript code won’t block any other code present on your site. Javascript written by the webmaster is forbidden on amp stories, and interactive pages must only contain custom amp elements.

Why Use Web Stories with WordPress?

To get started, you will need to make sure that you are running the amp wordpress plugin and that you have the latest version of gutenberg installed on your website. You’ll also want to check the “stories” box to enable amp for stories from the amp “general settings”.

The google web stories plugin is still in beta testing while they work out the glitches but it’s expected to fully launch later this summer. In the meantime, you can download the web stories plugin directly from their site as a zip file. To upload into wordpress, just go to pluginsaddupload plugin and select the file. Make sure to click activate once you’ve uploaded it. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to find it in the left-hand sidebar of your wordpress dashboard under “stories”. Here you create new stories and see all of the ones that you’ve already published.

The web stories content and design are a good fit for blog content on wordpress websites. The plugin integrates them into your wordpress website and helps bring in traffic through the web story format. They even help improve your seo and rank high in google search, google images, google discover, and the google app, making web stories a great way to improve wordpress traffic.

Web stories is an interesting way to publish content for your wordpress website. Stories look like magazine pages and works as a slider. They even integrate well with the wordpress navigation structure and with divi’s layouts and modules. They work well with mobile devices. Google’s web stories wordpress plugin looks and feels like graphics editing tools like canva. It’s simple and easy to use. If you’re interested in an easy way to create simple content that looks great and improves your seo, i recommend taking a look at the web stories wordpress plugin.