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Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

You Need To Work Outside Your Comfort Zone To Feel Comfortable In Your New Environment …

Well, I've been quiet lately, what with falling down a hole and everything … but that is another story. What I have been doing lately is taking a good hard look at the brand and what it should become.

Years back, I was very comfortable with running a retail business and dealing with customers face to face etc. However, in these days, small businesses all over the world are facing a new future when online real estate becomes king. This trend has been evident to many for many years, but now, what would be the BEST BRAND MARKETING MONEY COULD BUY

Firstly, in the online world to be fully accepted by the largest market share, then Google is now … King Of Virtual Real Estate and as such, demands that we register our small businesses via their Google My Business portal …

A Little Taster of What's To Come …

Outside Your Comfort Zone … It Is Mine!

I have been trying to weigh up the pros & cons of local networks shown & presented to me via LinkedIn … it is a road I have wanted to travel down previously, but never wanted to actually attend meetings in person …

However, now that these meetings are taking place online, I for one, feel far more comfortable presenting myself and the brand to markets we should all be a part of.


  • After much consideration, I have made a decision to go with the FSB

  • At this time it is more suited to our core business although I fully understand the benefits of BNI … but at this time, where we are rebuilding and re-establishing the brand, I could not commit fully to BNI

There is more to come, I just release it in real time .. bookmark it, and visit often to see the updates …

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