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Message from The Author

This Social Media Marketing Tool is very similar to another tool I use extensively in my business .. It is effectively a Social Pilot Lite and at a price point that I normally pay for just ONE MONTH of Social Media Marketing Campaigns …

If you are on a tight budget then I highly recommend you purchase and utilize all the features inside …

We Can Help You Succeed 🏆

Experience one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms ever to connect with your customers and grow your audience seamlessly. Unleash the power of Woofy’s artificial intelligence, voice-driven technology, and compliance engine while maximizing your digital marketing efforts with smart automation. 😍

Why Woofy Artificial Intelligence

Technology powerful enough to make relevant content suggestions by learning the content you are posting. Yup, Woofy learns new tricks.

Compliance Marketing Engine

A mighty engine that prevents damaging, redundant and unwanted content from being posted. It continuously scans your library for compliance and makes appropriate suggestions as necessary.

Voice Assist

Start a marketing campaign simply using your voice! Innovative built-in voice assist allows you to command your campaigns, create content, and navigate the platform by simply speaking.


Executing campaigns with your team is easy. Set permissions, receive feedback, share with client, and keep your campaigns moving with flexible team collaboration functions.

One social media dashboard to rule them all 💪

It’s simple, it’s organized, it’s everything integrated into one place to help you manage multiple social networks and keep your campaigns organized while saving time and resources. Post single posts or post-multi-day campaigns with evergreen content on a recurring or customized schedule. Track performance with a glance. Our captivating art-driven colour-coded campaign schedules and design turns complicated insights into easy to digest format (powered by patent-pending technology). Woofy supports Instagram Posting (via app), Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Linked In Profiles, Linked In Groups, Linked In Pages and Twitter✅

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j Discover Content

We bring you fresh content from the top publications all in one place.

h Visualize Schedules

Visually differentiate between schedules and how long your campaigns are run.

v Stay Compliant

Stop worrying about being compliant with your content on platforms. Our AI continuously scans your library and makes appropriate suggestions.

j Import Content

Bring your own brand authentic content, generate new content from URLs, import RSS feeds and more.

Creative Control

It's half the battle coming up with the content and graphics. The other half is figuring out when, how and where to post. Woofy AI makes it simple.


Maximize your marketing budget with automation, intelligence and a personal voice assistant to help you get started.

Next Generation

Majority of small to medium-sized business owners wish they had an “exoskeleton“ to help them with their marketing efforts online.

Schedules Optimized by AI

Eliminate wasted time and effort in creating and optimizing marketing ai

Scheduling & Management 🧬

Eliminate wasted time and effort creating and optimizing schedules and workflow. It's half the battle coming up with content and graphics. The other half is figuring out when, how and where to post. Woofy’s artificial intelligence makes it simple. Woofy recognizes patterns, allowing you to set up recurring long term campaigns with ease whether weekly or a custom schedule. 🚀

Woofy is Worldwide 🌎's unique smart technology allows marketers from around the world to confidently create social media posts in English regardless of their level of fluency in the language. Powerful autocomplete technology gives you the best words, sentences, emojis and hashtags to use as you type your social posts in REAL-TIME! 👏

AI-Driven. Voice Assisted. 🎙

Welcome to the future. It's insightful, powerful and fun. Start a marketing campaign today simply using your voice! 🗣

  • Limited Time
  • LifeTime Deal
    • 25 Social Accounts
    • Compliance Engine Powered Library
    • Voice Powered Campaign Launcher
    • Autocomplete posts with words, emojis, hashtags and more.
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Discover section for trending content
    • Drag and drop campaign management
    • Unlimited library storage
    • Voice-controlled dashboard
    • Colourblind support
    • Analytics
    • Hashtag lists
    • 9 Team Members
    • Save 10 hours or more a week!

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