View Insights on Google My Business Reviews: What You Should Know

Claim Your Business on Google

no excuses perfect reviewIf you’re a business user or organization , then to the extent allowed by applicable law: you’ll indemnify google and its directors, officers, employees, and contractors for any third-party legal proceedings (including actions by government authorities) arising out of or relating to your unlawful use of the services or violation of these terms or service-specific additional terms. This indemnity covers any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, judgments, fines, litigation costs, and legal fees.

The first thing you need to do is claim your google business listing, which will allow you to update it with correct information and make it stand out from the competition. This is done by using google my business as explained in detail below.

According to moz, review signals — including review quantity, velocity and diversity — account for between 7 and 13 percent of local organic search results. It would naturally follow that since google’s reviews are directly linked to their search engine, they’re going to factor into whether you get to the top spot when searchers google “plumber in salt lake city. ”local seo starts on google. Claiming your my business page on google is the first step, but ensuring you have a healthy reputation from your online reviews is an integral part of the process as well. It shows google customers are visiting your business and care enough to post about their experience, and that’s enough to make google recognize you too.

Google My Business Categories

If you've already verified your business with google search console (a free tool that lets you manage your website's search performance and health), you might be able to instantly verify your email. Step 1: sign into google my business with the same account you used to verify your business with google search console. (some business categories aren't eligible for instant verification, so if you don't get a notification asking you to verify the listing, you'll have to use a different verification method. ).

If you’re creating or adding your business to google using google my business, you can choose from a list of categories to provide more accurate information about your business. For example, if you run taco bell’s marketing, you can (perhaps optimistically) put your business in the “mexican restaurant” category, which will appear like this: categories are very specific. You can drill down into sub-genres like tex-mex: or be as broad as possible, and just list “fast food restaurant. ”.

Special features are available for google business accounts, depending on the category you’ve chosen. Here’s a rundown of category-specific features available: hotels can display class ratings and list amenities offered restaurants and bars can upload menus , showcase popular dishes , and add a link for online orders and reservations service-oriented businesses can display a service menus and add a booking button small and medium-sized companies can add product catalogs if you think your business is eligible for one of these features, but you don’t see them, you may have chosen the wrong category. You can choose up to 10 categories for your business.

For Business Locations with Multiple Categories and Departments

Generally speaking, google only allows you to have one primary category for each location. However, there are some slight exceptions. For example, if you manage marketing for a chain of grocery stores, you can list your grocery stores and the pharmacy inside them as two separate listings, each with their own primary categories. Check out this example from costco: costco takes this approach to the extreme — listing its gas station, bakery, food court, tire center, and a number of other departments all separately. For businesses like this that have one main location, but two distinct operations that are different enough to warrant multiple categories you may be able to add them as separate locations. What qualifies for a multi-department listing? think about banks inside grocery stories.

Costco takes this approach to the extreme — listing its gas station, bakery, food court, tire center, and a number of other departments all separately. For businesses like this that have one main location, but two distinct operations that are different enough to warrant multiple categories you may be able to add them as separate locations. What qualifies for a multi-department listing? think about banks inside grocery stories. Or restaurants inside gas stations. Google’s guidelines say that if your departments have separate entrances and / or separate customer care, you may qualify for multiple listings.

Verify Business on Google

Adding your business locations to google my business is more complicated than just entering your name, address, and phone number. You’ll often need to claim a pre-existing listing, verify your information, and choose the correct attributes for your listing. To do so, follow these steps.

Step 1: if you aren't already logged into google my business, sign in now and choose the business you want to verify. (if you're already logged in, you'll be at the verification step. )step 2: make sure your business address is correct. Optional: add a contact name — that's who the postcard will be addressed to. Step 3: click “mail. ” the postcard should reach you in five days — make sure you don't edit your business name, address, or category (or request a new code) before it comes, because this could delay the process.

Now that your account is set up, here’s how to verify your google business. For most businesses, google verification involves requesting a postcard. Go to www. Google. Com/business to sign in.

Bulk Locations on Add Descriptions to Google Business

If you are managing a number of business locations (10 or more), you don’t have to add them one by one on gmb. Instead, you can use the google my business bulk location management tool. Just visit the google my business locations page to upload locations from a spreadsheet (here’s a free template of the spreadsheet you’ll need to use ), and edit the information associated with each location. (note: currently, you’ll have to use this function from gmb’s classic mode because its not yet available in the new version).

If you operate more than 10 locations for the same business — and you're not a service business or an agency managing locations for multiple businesses — you might be eligible for bulk verification. Step 1: if you aren't already logged into google my business, sign in now and choose a location. Click “get verified” next to its name. Step 2: click “chain. “step 3: fill out the verification form with your business name (as well as the parent company, if applicable), country or countries where you operate, all contact names (i. E. Everyone who will be using the google my business account), contact phone number, business manager email (someone at the business who can verify you're a representative of that business), and the email address of your google account manager.

Google Business Photos and Videos

If your business sees customers at its location, you can describe the experience you want your customers to have when they arrive. Videos, photos, and even introductions to the team members they will meet are all great ways to encourage customers to visit you. Make your google my business page inviting for your customers. Think “daily specials,” “seasonal offerings,” or even weather-related: “our patio is open!”.

Your google my business photos and videos are deciding factors when it comes to attracting customers. These images are the first impression of your business. They can attract customers or drive them away. When asked about the important elements in local search, 24 percent of people ranked profile images as the deciding factor.

Add the Google My Business Bookings Feature

Google my business also has a bookings feature called reserve with google that allows businesses that use a supported scheduling partner to see insights and other information on the bookings received from google. The bookings feature is available in the u. S. For restaurants and businesses in the fitness or beauty vertical that use a supported scheduling partner. If it is available, go to the home menu for a listing and look for the “bookings” card:.

The navigation no longer will reroute users to side streets. The desktop version used to have a feature that would show you photos taken by users in the area. I would often use this to scout shooting locations for my business. This feature is either hidden or no longer in service. This function would be a great resource to me if it was added to the phone app. The google mymaps feature is a great idea but falls flat do to security issues. Anyone with access to your specific map can easily copy the map and reuse it for their own purposes. I would like the ability to share my maps that i have created with others without the fear that they can copy it and share it with others whom i do not want them to have access to my content.

To add this feature to your google my business account: step 1. Go to the home menu for each location. Step 2. If available, an “accept bookings on google” card will appear. Step 3. Click “sign up for bookings. ”step 4. Sign up with the provider of your choice. Step 5. Within one week, your scheduling account is automatically linked to your google my business account. After linking, you can receive bookings through google. If you already use a scheduling provider, you’re automatically eligible to receive bookings. You’ll see your booking history with that provider for bookings made in reserve with google in your google my business account on the bookings tab. Note: your scheduling provider may apply fees for booking through google.

Fix Incorrect Business Information on Google

Links to certain booking and ordering services can appear automatically with your business listings in google search and google maps. These links are updated automatically via third-party providers. There’s no way to add, edit, or remove these links in google my business. Google works with select third-party providers that provide booking and ordering services for local businesses. Links for third-party providers display as a result of a relationship your business previously established with them. These links lead to the website of the third-party provider. From the third-party website a user can take an action such as ‘place an order’ or ‘make an appointment or reservation’. If you want to remove or fix a link in your own listing, please contact the third-party provider’s support team or a technical contact to request they remove your data from the information they are sending google.

Sometimes you’ll find that the information in your google listing is out of date, inaccurate, or incomplete. It could be that your listing was created originally by a google user but hadn’t been verified. Or the business might have moved locations. Or you’re taking over an existing listing in order to correct a few errors. Ensuring that your business information on google is accurate and up-to-date should be part of your online marketing and local search strategy. A simple search can help you quickly identify any inaccuracies or incorrect information about your business online. To fix your business information on google :.

View Insights on Google My Business Reviews: What You Should Know

Who should use this: if you have a google business page (and you should), you should be seeking google reviews. Google reviews increase your visibility when people search for your services or products via google. Dear [customer name] how often do you use online reviews to make buying decisions? in today’s digital world, online reviews are very important to companies like ours. That’s why i’m asking for a favor. Will you take a moment of your time to jot down some feedback on our google business page ? it’s a very quick and easy way for you to make a difference in how our company provides services for you.

Tempted to buy google reviews ? when a business owner needs more google reviews or if you have bad google reviews, it might be tempting to do whatever it takes to get them. However, while buying reviews might seem like a quick, easy solution, it actually leads to several consequences.

Content is king and your business’ online reviews matter. Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to get google reviews. That’s because customers want detailed first-hand information from their online peers, whom they trust, to help them make decisions and become informed about the customer experience. Let’s talk a little more about google reviews! we’ll cover: why google reviews are important (the benefits of getting reviewed) how google reviews help with rankings how to get more google reviews for your business.

Track Google Reviews

To help your business track review activity, google my business will notify you of new reviews via email. The email notification includes useful review information like the reviewer name, star rating, a portion of the review text, and a link to the review on google. Here’s what the email looks like: a forum thread on the google my business community discusses a recent issue about google not sending review notifications to users with more than 100 locations on their google my business account.

Staying on top of multiple locations or businesses is demanding. Luckily, once you receive google verification, you can integrate your google my business account with hootsuite. From one central dashboard, you can promote company updates, respond to reviews, and keep track of what people are saying about your business. Not only does this save you time, it also makes it easier to identify common themes. For example, if people are asking similar questions on different accounts, it may be worthwhile to post an update. If that’s the case, you can do that directly from the hootsuite dashboard as well.

Fake reviews are a growing problem for those of us that own small businesses. In the online world, it's extremely easy to create a new account and leave either a positive or negative review for any business — regardless of whether you’ve ever tried to hire them. Google has tons of policies for users that leave reviews. But in my experience they're terrible at automatically catching violations of these policies. At my agency, my team spends time each month carefully monitoring reviews for our clients and their competitors. The good news is that if you’re diligent at tracking them and can make a good enough case for why the reviews are against the guidelines, you can get them removed by contacting google on twitter , facebook, or reporting via the forum.

My Google Business Reviews Disappeared!

Update to the update 4/9 9:48 pm google has updated their gmb covid-19 page to indicate that leave a review functionality is currently rolling out on a region by region basis: “review replies are now available. New user reviews, new user photos, new short names, and q&a will gradually return by country and business category. ”update:maybe i spoke too soon. I and several others saw this review and others show in incognito. But it subsequently disappeared. That being said, this review by jason did in fact show on this listing and is still showing. So while it isn’t back it appears to be coming back (he says with a rising question at the end of his sentence). So while it seems to be in the process of coming back, do not rejoice quite yet.

Have you received an email notification that one of your customers has left a positive review with 5-star ratings on your google my business (gmb) page? surely, it will make you feel that you have provided the best services and products. However, all your excitements can come to an end, if you find gmb not showing that review. Lots of questions will jam up your mind. Why have my google reviews disappeared? why aren’t these reviews visible to everyone?.

Respond to Reviews on Google

When you’re dealing with a truthful complaint, kindness may be the most effective (and only) method to get it removed. Google won’t delete a bad review simply because you don’t like it. After you resolve the customer’s issue, they may be willing to take down the complaint if you ask nicely. Most people leave scathing feedback because they feel trapped and powerless. They’re angry that they’ve lost money or dealt with a hassle. If you make them feel like they’re in charge from the start, they won’t feel the need to lash out online. Follow this advice to respond to negative reviews and win customers over:.

No, you cannot ask only happy customers to submit a google review. Google updated their review policies in 2018 to forbid the practice of “review gating. ” the policy itself states: “don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers. ”this means that all of your customers should have equal opportunity to leave a review. While this prospect can be intimidating, remember that you also have an opportunity to respond to negative reviews, customers can change their reviews if you resolve their issue, and you can flag reviews that are abusive (which we will cover later in the post).

There may be a time or two when someone leaves your business a particularly nasty (or even a fake) review and it’s worth it to know what you can do in that circumstance. Typically, you don’t want to delete negative reviews because that makes it look like you have something to cover up. However, there are a few things you can do to properly delete a google review. First, you can respond to the negative review. Second, you can flag the review as fake, inappropriate, or promoting a competitor. It will then be reviewed by google for removal. Third, you can report the negative review to google small business support who will make a decision about removing it.

Delete Google Reviews

We’ve covered that you can’t simply copy and paste google reviews onto your website. So what’s the best way to go about collecting review to use in your own marketing? to get more reviews for your own site or marketing materials, consider using a testimonial and review tool like boast. Remember, as you gather reviews for your own site, you only have to follow ftc rules, which are generally less strict than the terms of services on most review sites. But as long as you are getting more reviews on a google tool, you have to follow google’s review policies, or your reviews could be deleted, or your business banned.

Anybody has the power to write a bad google review about your company without ever visiting your store. For most businesses, reviews are a great way to build a positive reputation. However, they can also be a nightmare if an angry customer has a bone to pick with you. That’s way it’s so important in 2019 to know how to delete google reviews. As a business owner, it’s not just customers that you have to watch out for, either.

Google reviews will stay posted indefinitely unless the writer of the review decides to delete the review.

Generate Reviews on Google

Did you know that nearly 90 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? with this in mind, small businesses have a big opportunity to attract new business via the internet. In short, you want to generate as many authentic google my business reviews as possible. While most small businesses will get a negative online review from time to time, keeping a high average rating will go a long way in getting more traffic, and converting more of this traffic into sales.

Generate an xml feed with products for google shopping generate an xml feed with product reviews for google shopping and show star ratings in google shopping search results.

As google has recognised the increasing importance and value of user-generated reviews, updates to the google maps app have made the mobile review process much more user-friendly.

For many businesses, google will automatically link the reviews on their facebook business pages to their google account, so that their facebook recommendations , reviews, and ratings also appear on their business listings on google. Ideally, google has a way to do this for all businesses. But it doesn’t always work. To give your locations the best chance of having their facebook reviews pulled into their gmb listing, make sure your business information on your facebook page and your google my business account are exactly the same.

Once your page is verified it’s wise to inform your customers that it exists and promote reviews. You can do this by sharing the link on facebook, twitter, and any other social platform your business is active on. Another tactic for collecting reviews is to place a call to action (cta) button on your website. This will direct users to your google page, making it easier for them to leave you a review.

Google gets tons of cash from tripadvisor spending on google ads. Tripadvisor sells advertising on their own website in part to support their google ads habit. As more travel industry ad dollars shift toward google and facebook, tripadvisor has gone hard into pushing their own advertising platform while offering very little analytics and support in return. One of their offerings: paying for a link. Can you believe in 2019 you can pay just to get a link from another website? you know, like an online directory listing circa 2001. It's like if you did not have a link to your hotel from tripadvisor, your guest would never be able to find you after reading your reviews. They must be familiar with this little thing called google, where you can type in a hotel's name and magically find it!.